Managed Services

Our strategy in Managed Services is based on Industry Standards and Best Practices designed to secure the network, reduce the amount of time required to operate and control the network resources, manage the assets, and reduce lost revenue and productivity associated with poor network performance and downtime.

Incident Management

We will become the primary point of contact and will troubleshoot with vendors, carriers & internal IT staff for quick problem resolution.

Asset Management

Maximizing efficiency and uptime is based on full knowledge of the components and configurations of the equipment and services in the network. We continually document, capture device configurations, perform updates and patches, track vendor contracts and test the network devices to ensure maximum performance.

Endpoint Security & Management

User devices comprise the functional components where the day-to-day work actually gets completed. We monitor and secure devices by ensuring that patches and updates are continually applied, malware, viruses, security breaches and risks are detected and stopped before the network is exposed to harmful incidents.

Network Monitoring and Notification

We proactively monitor critical network equipment and detect network outages and problems. Trouble tickets are automatically generated for all out-of-service incidents and escalated to our team of technicians for resolution.

Change Management

IT Specialists will establish client points of contact to become the representatives for authorizing changes to network resources.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Business data is the single most valuable asset of any organization. To lose is puts the very survival of the business at risk. We develop and implement a predefined comprehensive plan that defines, executes, tests, and recovers data on a continuous and monitored basis.

Help Desk

We provide the end users with the technical support and service needed at the time its needed. Printing, application support, network issues, security, access, staff changes and many other aspects of the day to day operations are managed by our team. Our help desk staff are trained and ready to handle the specifics of your environment.