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Who We Are

IT Specialists started in 1995 as a software development company focused on business application software and extended data collection interfaces. Our core focus was to develop software that expediently collected data from manufacturing systems, people and processes resulting in near time productivity and payroll reports for management and payroll departments. The ROI was management now received accurate production data at the end of the shift in comparison to the end of the week.

In that software development process, we continually encountered the same staff struggling with slow and error laden systems. With limited or no support resources available to them, it translated to massive inefficiencies and lost productivity. Taking advantage of the opportunity to expand our services to computer, networks, and support services, we responded with a technical service department.

Fast forward 20+ years to today and you see a technology world that is vastly different than that of the 90’s. Cloud, mobility, VOIP, Saas, sensor integration, and a host of unthinkable apps. In response to the changing technology, our original Break Fix service has evolved into a Managed Services.

The one thing you will notice is that our commitment to the Best in Class service has not changed, and we continue to pride ourselves on maintaining highly professional and rewarding relationships. We still maintain some of the original business relationships that we started with in the 90’s and we continue to welcome the opportunity to service new clients every day.

Our Mission

To deliver superior technology products and services that our customers trust, our employees are proud of, our future depends on, and our prospective clients are seeking.


Thomas Knight

CEO & President

Preston Knight

COO - Chief Operations Officer

Kayla Knight

CMO - Chief Marketing Officer

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