Backup and Disaster Recovery

Does your company have a disaster recovery plan? What about a backup in place to protect your company information? If so, does it include a quick and easy recovery for your business information and decreased downtime in the event of a disaster?

Every company should have a form of a disaster recovery plan along with backups, in place, due to chance of a disaster striking. Although each plan will vary based on each company, a disaster recovery plan is necessary in order to smoothly restore your company network in cases of disaster related to anything from cyber-attacks, human error, or even natural disaster.

Backup of systems and networks is necessary on top of a disaster recovery plan, to ensure that data and important company information is not lost.

We provide tailored backup and disaster recovery plans for business based on their needs, locations, and business attributes. Because every business is different, your company needs a specific plan of its own to ensure a speedy recovery after a disaster strikes.

Without these plans and backups in place, businesses can face multiple losses including:

  • Decreased productivity due to downtime
  • Loss of personal and classified information
  • Stolen information due to cyber-attack
  • Complete destruction to network
  • Loss in daily profits due to downtime
  • Total loss of company information

If your company does not have a disaster recovery plan, backups, or even need a better plan in place for their company, contact us today. We want to help your company protect itself from possible damage, loss, or theft. Call us today to get a quote, inquire about more information, or set up a meeting to evaluate your business disaster recovery plan!