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8 Reasons to Choose IT Specialists

We work hard on IT so you don't have to!

IT Specialists is your Partner in IT. We are with you each step of the way, helping you grow through your technology and not only prepare for the unexpected, but prevent it from happening in the first place. We provide the best possible service to ensure that you have peace of mind about your technology and can focus on growing your business instead of focusing on your IT. We are here for you when your printer or even your server is not.

Why Work with Us?

Tech support staff with a personality

As part of our extensive vetting and competence testing all engineers experience, they are evaluated on their “bed side manner”. Inherently, IT problems are difficult to deal with, especially when they are a hindrance to your daily activities. We promise to not only be there when you need us, but our engineers will also make sure you have a way to get the problem off your mind and the humor to maybe even have a laugh or too. *Humor likely to make you laugh, but not guaranteed.

Why Work with Us?

Unlimited help desk phone support in under 21 seconds

We have fully staffed support desk of Full-Time engineers dedicated to making sure that you can talk to a technical support resource in under 21 seconds. All service models with unlimited help desk come with this value.

Why Work with Us?

Experienced staff in on-premise, hybrid, and cloud solutions

Our Engineers and Professional Services team are experienced in supporting on-premise based infrastructure, hybrid solutions designed to provide optimal efficiency, and fully cloud based solutions designed for availability, work anywhere, always on technology. whether your business is brick and mortar based, 100% remote, or somewhere in between, we have the people to help.

Why Work with Us?

Locally staffed IT support engineers

Our support engineers go through an extensive vetting process to ensure competence and expertise. Many IT companies outsource their help desk over seas or to large corporations to cut down on costs. At IT Specialists, we invest in local IT experts that live in and around the greater cities of Colorado, including Colorado Springs, Denver, Fort Collins, Pueblo, and Boulder. These are the people who serve in your community and with whom you share the roads and grocery stores with; additionally allowing us to dispatch onsite techs quickly!

Why Work with Us?

Business continuity engineering experts (99.99% uptime)

Not only do we make sure to answer your calls and solve your IT issues but we are experts in the field of keeping your business running. We provide services geared toward keeping your business running 24x7x365. Through structured Backup and Disaster Recovery planning and specific business needs analysis we can provide services to keep you up and running 99.99% of the time.

Why Work with Us?

Flexible service levels and pricing options based on your needs

Our service offerings are designed with your business needs in mind. We understand that not every small business is the same, budgets, business hours, security, compliance, and specialty LOB application support all differ from business to business. That is why we have flexible and customized pricing tiers to support you where you are and anywhere you go as you grow!

Why Work with Us?

From visionary to long term reliability

With 20+ years experience and engineers ranging from veterans to young bloods who have lived and breathed IT since birth, we are sure we will be able to support you in your visionary business growth needs, old school (but necessary!) technology, and everything in between that you just don’t care to understand. We also believe in providing IT support that stays with you for the long haul - “IT Guy’s” come and go, but we promise to ensure that our 24x7x365 support desk is fully staffed and always on to provide trusted, consistent, and reliable IT Support.

Why Work with Us?

Technical alignment standards to compare to your business

Our Managed Services offering goes beyond just the tools to maintain and support your IT needs, additionally it provides standards that we weigh against your organization and then assist with aligning your business to these necessary items for sustained business growth. Technology is no longer a budget expense, but rather a strategic investment.