What is 2FA? | Why You Should Use it

January 27, 2020
What is 2FA? | Why You Should Use it

2FA or MFA

Login credentials are getting a lot easier for hackers to obtain to get into your private and business data. Read our blog post on how to create a secure password here. However, there are ways that you can protect your business, and it starts by protecting your login credentials.

2FA (two-factor authentication ) or MFA (multiple factors of authentication) is just another layer of protection for your accounts. The idea behind 2FA is a second layer of protection that will notify you at the attempt of each login to your account. In order to proceed logging into the account, the user will need to have the one-time generated code.

There are several different ways that you can use 2FA, including receiving an email or text with a one-time access code, or by use of an authentication app.

Setting Up 2FA

In order to setup 2FA for your account, head to the account and privacy settings. Typically it is under password or privacy settings titled two-factor authentication or one-time password. However, if you are having difficulty locating it, you can always reach out to the account for assistance.

Password Management

Because 2FA is not full proof, and there are several ways for hackers to get around the tool or gain access to your account, it is advised that you use a password management tool alongside 2FA. Password management tools securely store you login credentials all in one place. These tools offer several benefits:

-Quick login to accounts with a browser extension -Secure storage of password -Easily update passwords with a click of a button -Their own authenticator app

Protecting your credentials to all of your accounts is more important than ever, as cyber-attacks are becoming more common and widespread. Learn more about how to protect your small business with our Essential Cybersecurity Toolkit. Download from the form below!

If you are ready to put together a custom cybersecurity plan for your business and need help getting started, contact us today! We can help you identify where your security may be lacking and put together a plan for you that gives you peace of mind and leverage for growth.

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