Using Dropbox to Work Remote

March 30, 2020
Using Dropbox to Work Remote

Using Dropbox to Work Remote

With the COVID-19 pandemic escalating, many businesses are shutting their physical doors and having workers setup shop at home.

Learn how to setup your team and employees for success by utilizing tools and software to allow employees to work from home successfully and collaborate together.

In this blog post, we will be discussing how Dropbox will setup your team up for success while working remotely during COVID-19.

What is Dropbox

Dropbox is a file sync and share tool that is useful for collaborating with team members and accessing files from just about anywhere.

Some of the biggest benefits of Dropbox include: -Stay focused and organized with synced content with your teammates -Live collaboration tools such as Paper. -Access company files from anywhere. -All of your content together in one place where everyone can view and work on it collaboratively. -Smart content suggestion- allowing you to view the files you need quicker based on dropbox activity -Contextual meetings - calendar planning to integrate content for upcoming meetings -Shared and stared folders to allow you to access what is important to you most

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