Keeping Your Accounts Secure

August 30, 2021
Keeping Your Accounts Secure

Cybersecurity and cybersecurity solutions are quickly becoming a hot topic for all businesses. Cyber attacks occur every 39 seconds and it is important to have a plan in place that not only gets you back up and running quickly but protects your business and its sensitive information.

When it comes to cyber security, it is important to have proactive solutions in place to prevent attacks from happening in the first place. Here are 3 important factors to consider before sharing personal or business information that could lead to a cyber attack:

Never send sensitive information via email, social media, or text/SMS messaging

Most businesses, especially those who deal with sensitive financial information, will not ask you to send your personal or business information via email, direct message on social media, or even through instant messaging.

Any message you receive asking for this information is likely a phishing scam (or a business that doesn’t care what happens with your sensitive information, and one you don’t want to be doing business with).

Your credentials and account information are sensitive pieces of information that should be shared with care and caution. Hackers can easily hack into your accounts with this information, so don’t give it away freely.

Be able to identify a phishing scam

Educating yourself and your staff about how to identify a phishing scam can single-handedly prevent a massive cybersecurity headache for you and your business. Don’t click on any links or attachments that you are not expecting.

Always verify that it is a trusted sender and personally verify with them that they sent the email before clicking the link, copying and pasting to google, downloading attachments, or sharing sensitive information with the sender. Always be cognizant of sharing sensitive information via email, especially with unknown recipients.

Lastly, remember to verify the domain name of the email. Make sure that it is actually from the company they are claiming to be and matches the business domain.

You can use this site to verify that a URL is safe.

Use strong passwords and keep them secure

Creating unique and secure passwords is vital in securing your accounts. Make sure that you are not re-using the same password across multiple sites or using passwords that are easy to guess.

Here are the most common passwords of 2021 for reference.

Password manager tools are great, especially if you have trouble remembering passwords. You can securely store passwords in an encrypted vault, allowing you to stop using passwords like mypassword123.

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