Is Your Wordpress Site Secure?

May 26, 2020
Is Your Wordpress Site Secure?

Is Your WordPress Site Secure or is it a Target for Attack?

WordPress sites are a great tool for much small business, as it allows them to create, manage, and update their own website without the overhead of a web developer. However, WordPress can be a prime target of many hackers, as there are several security loopholes that can lead to an attack.

Ensure that your WordPress site is secure and up to date by following some of our tips!

Have a secure password

Having a secure password that keeps hackers out in the first place is crucial to avoid attacks on your WordPress site.

When choosing a password, it should not be one that you use commonly on other sites or easy to guess. We recommend using the four-word method by preshing.com.

This method involves using 4 common radome words to make a password that is secure and easy to remember.

Password management tools are also a great resource to store passwords in a secure format and also allow you to update passwords with a click of a button!

Ensure that plugins and updates are complete

Plugin updates will ensure that bugs and patches are not leaving your site susceptible to threats or attacks.

It is important to run updates and remove old plugins that you are no longer in use so that not back doors are left open for hackers.

Security Plugin

Having a security plugin that monitors your sites overall health can lead to insights and potential threats before they are a problem.

These are great plugins to have as they will email you as plugins need updates, potential issues, logins, and threats made against your account.

Install and SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates are an encrypted channel between user and server. These sites are more secure as they create a secure link between the website and the visitor.

Don’t Login on Public WI-FI

Public WiFi is a very un-secure space, especially for important data and information. It is very easy for hackers to gain access to public WiFi and steal credentials or gain access to data.

Backup site

The truth is mistakes, disasters, and attacks can happen even if you do everything perfectly! Prevention is the first step in preventing loss of valuable data or information, but preparation and planning can make or break your business.

Always have a secure and up to date backup, so in the event of a disaster, you can recover your data.

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