6 Phases to Guide Your COVID-19 Planning & Response

June 15, 2020
6 Phases to Guide Your COVID-19 Planning & Response

When planning for re-opening your business after COVID-19 and planning for the rest of the year, it is important to understand how to deal with a crisis in the future and understand all the phases for your planning and overall response.

While most businesses are currently on phases 4-6, it is important to understand each phase, in order to improve systems and processes for how to better prepare against potential pandemic or natural disaster in the future.

  1. Phase 1: The Crisis Emerges

    1. Avoid panic and focus on employee and customer safety
    2. Determine a plan to work from home and online
  2. Phase 2: Employee Safety - WFH

    1. Train users on security measures to take while working from home
    2. Have meetings regularly and establish a normal schedule
  3. Phase 3: WFH - Low Tide

    1. Ensure to work with employees on overall morale and mental/emotional health
    2. Use virtual meetings as team-building resource (we are all in this together)
  4. Phase 4: Clarity on Return

    1. Prioritize health and safety - evaluate if wfh needs to continue for longer
    2. Being a process for re-implementing physical location hours
    3. Standardize cleaning and safety measures
    4. Checkout info card for our video on returning to the workplace
  5. Phase 5: Return to Work

    1. Being to role out new work policies
    2. Role out phases of employees - especially depending on the size of business
    3. Be able to pivot quickly and use this time to learn and understand how to role out phases better in the future if ever needed.
  6. Phase 6: Recovery/ A New Normal

    1. Focus on what worked and what didn't
    2. Re-evaluate planning for potential future out breaks or natural disasters
    3. Have a plan in place
    4. Focus on 2021 planning

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