How Hackers are Using the Coronavirus to Steel Your Data

March 16, 2020
How Hackers are Using the Coronavirus to Steel Your Data

As if the coronavirus pandemic was not bad enough, hackers are now using the outbreak to hit your business with ransomware.

As the pandemic is becoming a bigger issue across the globe, hackers are creating malicious links embedded with ransomware to lock and encrypt your data and business.

Here are a few ways you can ensure your business is protected against these malicious attacks:

1. User training

User training is crucial in protecting your business against malicious links and behaviors. Training your users on how to identify when a link may be malicious and ensure that it is coming from a reliable source.

2. Pay attention to spam and attachment emails

Educate your users to avoid clicking links, pdfs, and zip files from unknown sources. Ensure the emails are coming from a reliable source and confirming with the source if there is any suspicion.

3. A proper business continuity plan

Accidents happen and disaster can strike at any time, without warning. Prepare your business for success with the proper backups and business continuity plan to get your business back up and running in minutes.

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