Why SaaS isn't Backup: How to Backup Your Data

April 29, 2021
Why SaaS isn't Backup: How to Backup Your Data

What is SaaS Backup

SaaS stands for Software as a Service and is a form of cloud data vs. the purchase of physical hardware. Because SaaS is stored in the cloud, many businesses are confused about the data backup capabilities provided with SaaS and if they need to back up their data. ⠀ The short and simple answer is yes! Any data you have should be continually and consistently backed up to ensure you are protected in the instance of a disaster.

Generally, SaaS allows your data to be stored in the cloud; however, most software does not have backup solutions in place for the data. Meaning, data that is not backed up is lost when disaster strikes.

###Why should you backup your SaaS data

1. Human Error

The single leading cause of data loss in the cloud is due to user error. Employees will inevitably delete contacts, data, emails, configurations, etc that are essential. If the proper backups are in place, major headaches and potentially forever lost data can be avoided.

2. Hackers

Technology is continually advancing and so are the tactics that hackers are using to take control of your data. If a malicious attack occurs and there are no backups of your data to be found, you risk never getting it back.

3. Ransomware

Ransomware is a form of malicious software installed on your network or device that locks you out of your data. In order to gain access back to it, the hacker will have a set ransom. However, ransom should never be paid, as many statistics show that repeat ransomware attacks are generally a result of paid ransom. If proper backups are in place, this can be avoided and data can be securely recovered.

4. Recovery Time May Vary

In the terms and conditions of many SaaS solutions, you sign stating you understand you are responsible for data and having the proper backups in place to recover in the event that it is lost. Some of these solutions will have some recovery options, but the time it takes to recover data from the cloud varies from app to app. For Google Apps, O365, and Salesforce, it can take anywhere from minutes to weeks to longer (if at all).

For more information on getting SaaS backups set up for your data, contact your IT Provider and ask about what solutions you may need.

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